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The Sokoban Land needs your help.
Someone came by and made a big mess!

Now only someone with a brave heart (and an organizer soul) will be able to put everything in place and open the gates for everyone to walk there freely again.

This game is based on the classic Sokoban (Push Box), a puzzle style game in which the player must push boxes to places defined on the levels.

This game is for everyone!
But, it was especially designed for fathers and mothers have some time playing with their sons and daughters. For spend some time relaxing and playing with your girlfriend or boyfriend. To call your friend to come to your house and spend some time solving puzzles together. Or just for you, to spend some time relaxing and training your thinking while having some fun.

 - You can move only one box at a time;
 - The boxes can be moved by pushing them (they can't be pulled);
 - You can undo only the last move of each character;
 - When all the boxes are in the appropriate places, the gate will open, so you have to cross it to go to the next level (be careful to not to get "stuck");

If you have difficulty in overcoming some level, you can ask for help from a friend next to you to help in the adventure using the cooperative two-player mode. You can choose to play alone or with one other person at the beginning of the game (and choose which character you want to play) or you can add/remove a second player at any time, while playing any stage of the game.

If you don't have someone to ask for helping you or even if you want to play alone and never played Sokoban before, don't worry, the first levels were made thinking of you. They are not so hard and will help you to get used to the features of the game.

If you are "the one" in Sokoban games, the most advanced stages should represent a good challenge for you. And if you want an extra challenge, a tip is to play with the two characters at the same time. With your left hand you control the player 1 and right hand controls the player 2 (If using a gamepad, the left stick controls the player 1 and the right analog stick controls the player 2). The game will be pretty fun, challenging and in addition, you can finish the levels in a shorter time.

Main features:
 + It's easy to learn to play;
 + 100 levels and 5 different worlds;
 + Single player game mode or two players in local cooperative mode;
 + It can be played in alone controlling the two characters at the same time;
 + Undo button for the last performed movement;
 + Calm and pleasant sound tracks;
 + Gamepad support: Built and tested with Xbox 360 Controller (can be played with keyboard);


Get this game and 1 more for $3.98 USD
View bundle
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$4.99 $1.99 USD or more

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