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Mina & Michi is a 2D top-down game about a girl and her friend, going on adventures, solving puzzles and defeating enemies through the seasons!

Mina is a girl who loves her best friend, Michi. She also loves adventures and doesn’t like gelatine! Together with Michi, they travel throught wonderful and colorful places passing by all seasons, defeating evil gooey enemies and solving puzzles.

To help them on their journey, they will find some very rare and useful items, some of them are magic! Others gives Mina and Michi more health and strength, and even others grants them special abilities to help them reach new places and being successful on their task.

You’ll be able to play controlling both characters (Mina and Michi) at the same time, using both sicks, or in local co-op mode, playing with a friend.


  • Visit beautiful and unique places during the four seasons;
  • Colorful 8-bit style graphics; 
  • 3 Difficult levels to suit your playstyle;
  • Single-player and local co-op modes;
  • 6 Different Relics with helpful abilities;
  • Many different Items to collect (Extra Hearts, Extra Stamina, and others);
  • Alternative paths.


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

MinaAndMichi.exe 8 MB


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I have a question regarding controllers: I have two Xbox One controllers plugged in. It seems like the game recognizes the second controller randomly: sometimes it works for a while, then after playing for 30 minutes, the second controller doesn't work anymore (although it's usable in other games). If I restart the game, the 2nd controller is still not recognized, both players have 'P1' displayed. How does controller detection work?

Hi, if you want to play the game using 2 controllers, you need to select the right mode. To change game modes you just need to press "B" button on Player 1 controller, you can do this at any time during gameplay. For 2 controllers the correct mode is the one where appears "P1" and "P2" over characters, the mode where appears "P1" and "P1" is for controlling both characters at same time using only one controller (using both sticks).

Looks good

Thank you!