A downloadable asset pack

Gamepads Assets in Pixelart for using in games

UPDATE: The PS4 controller is not accepted by Sony QA anymore, due to some Sony's internal changes. Only Hi-Res/Real pictures of PS4 gamepad can be used now. The pixelated version of it, is being maintained inside the file, but for PS4 games, consider using "only the buttons", now also included. I'm not sure about PS Vita, but it's still inside files too (just in case).

Originally made for Super Wiloo Demake.
Perfect fit for 320 x 180 resolutions (may work well for others too)
Juice 32 color palette by Real Juice (https://lospec.com/palette-list/juice-32)
Made with Aseprite (Include .aseprite file)

Feel free to use these assets on any project you would like, commercial or free. There is no need to credit me, i'm grateful if you do, but you don't have to. Good luck with your projects!

- PS4 gamepad and Buttons;
- PS Vita handheld;
- Nintendo Switch Joy-cons;
- Xbox 360 gamepad;
- Xbox One gamepad;
- Keyboard.

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Made withAseprite
Tags8-Bit, Controller, gamepad, Pixel Art, User Interface (UI)
InputsGamepad (any)


Gamepads.zip 23 kB

Install instructions

Download and extract using Winrar or other.
You will need Aseprite for using the source file (.aseprite)


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Hello, what is the license?


Hello, you can use them on any project you would like. Credit is appreciated, but there is no need doing so. Hope it's helpful on your projects.




This work is so cool! I used this and credited you in the game "99 Waves" on Steam. Thank you!

Hello, thank you so much, that was really kind of you! Good luck with your game release!

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bring your other games back :(

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Sorry, i don't have any plans for doing so :( 
but you still can find the ones already released for PCs on Steam.

I just used the Xbox controller in my new free app, and you have been credited. I ended up making white-flash sprites for the whole thing. Let me know if you want them! Thanks for the art!

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Hey, congratulations on creating your app, sounds really fun! I'm very glad to know the controller assets were helpful for you! Thank you for crediting me :)

Hey I downloaed these for my game and they worked great! Just a suggestion, but you should include a text file in the zip folder that has your username and a link to your page. I was working on my game's credits and couldn't find your info in the inclued files so I had to search on itch.io to find your page again.


Hello, i'm really glad to know they've fit well onto your game!
In fact, you don't even need to credit me, i've did those assets to use on my own games, but as these kind of things are pretty standart but consume a good amount of time creating all those models, i thought it could be helpful sharing with other people. But i would like to thank you for kindly adding me on your game's credits and also for your suggetion, i'll add those info on the zip file as soon as i have some time. I wish you all the best on your game development! 

Thanks lightUP, and you're welcome! When I'm done with the game I'll send you a link so you can check it out!

Thank you! Yes, please send me the link, i'd love to take a look on it :)

Hey! I was just wondering if you have any terms or rules regarding these pictures? Whether they can be used in free or commercial games.


Hi! It would be a kind thing crediting me on your game :) but it's not required. It's free to use on both, commercial and non-commercial projects. It's also consoles QA friendly, once it was first made for using on console versions of Super Wiloo Demake and i'm also using them on my other consoles games.

I'll definitely credit you for your hard work. All developers I credit on my game will be getting a free copy, anyway :P so thank you!


Thank you!! It's very kind from your part!! But again, it's not required, okay?
I'd love to take a look on your game! 
Good luck with development and hope this assets be helpful on your project :)